Wattamolla Hike

Winter here in Sydney is a lot colder than I thought, even though people told me it would be really bad. I didn’t believe them. However, all of a sudden God gave us a day with 26° and sun to enjoy on our winter break (a couple of weeks earlier I had to start my mornings by scraping ice of the windshield). So me and my amazing wife went down to the Royal National Park again to explore the area around Wattamolla. It was pretty cool. We even saw whales from our lunch spot! So here’s some pictures from that, not the whales, but the rest:

IMG_4533_Sebastian_EkmanIMG_4585_Sebastian_EkmanIMG_4622_Sebastian_EkmanIMG_4648_Sebastian_EkmanIMG_4640_Sebastian_EkmanIMG_4707_Sebastian_EkmanIMG_4713_Sebastian_EkmanIMG_4730_Sebastian_EkmanIMG_4732_Sebastian_EkmanIMG_4774_Sebastian_EkmanIMG_4810_Sebastian_Ekman IMG_4834_Sebastian_Ekman IMG_4840_Sebastian_Ekman IMG_4850_Sebastian_EkmanIMG_4802_Sebastian_Ekman

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