Golden sky

Yesterday me and my brother Jonas went to the mall for some shopping to get a break from work and just enjoy life. When we got outside again the sky was amazing! It looked like everything was wrapped in gold. After that we went to chilli’s to get some food, it was good.

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Porsche and church

Yesterday was the first full day here together with Jonas (my brother) and Sarah (his wife). Me and Jonas drove around in his Porsche and he showed me the church where he’s working. It was beautiful… and big.    

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First days in Texas

This month I’m in Woodlands/Houston Texas. Since I arrived here last friday I’ve been alone with Gizzi, Wookie and Buster but later tonight (monday) my brother and his wife are coming home too. I’ll show you later what my mission is here, but for now I can say that it’s hot and sunny (the humidity [...]

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