Wattamolla Hike

Winter here in Sydney is a lot colder than I thought, even though people told me it would be really bad. I didn’t believe them. However, all of a sudden God gave us a day with 26° and sun to enjoy on our winter break (a couple of weeks earlier I had to start my [...]

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Palm beach

In January me and my wife left our home in Sweden to move to Sydney, Australia. We’re both in college and I get the chance to learn more about TV and Media but when we have days of we love to explore more of this beautiful country far, far away from home (our old home [...]

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Haleiwa Sunset

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Golden sky

Yesterday me and my brother Jonas went to the mall for some shopping to get a break from work and just enjoy life. When we got outside again the sky was amazing! It looked like everything was wrapped in gold. After that we went to chilli’s to get some food, it was good.

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