My friend Maria just gave me a new haircut, in exchange for some new photos. So here we go:

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Grey Winter in Stockholm

Me and Elin went outside to get some photos one sunny winter day. I don’t know how it happend but as soon as we went out it started to snow and the light was gone. Well. We got a couple of frames before we went inside to have coffee instead.

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Martina&Jonathan Wedding

I realized that i haven’t updated my blog in a few months, but I have some pictures to show. First out is pictures from my good friends Martina and Jonathan’s wedding.    

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Compensation, as promised

Ingen mer cykelverkstad i mitt rum än på ett tag få vi hoppas. Här kommer lite trevligare bilder att titta på. Jag beger mig troligen av till Falun nästa helg för lite ballerinabilder tillsammans med Carin, men hon hade kraschat och opererat knät tydligen. Inte bra. Hoppas hon kryar snabbt så ska vi allt kunna [...]

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