Sand Dunes

It has become some kind of tradition to go on an adventure between christmas and new years. This year was no different. Me, my wife and her little sister played in the sand dunes in Canary Islands and had heaps of fun!

IMG_6375_Sebastian_Ekman IMG_6369_Sebastian_Ekman IMG_6392_Sebastian_Ekman IMG_6397_Sebastian_Ekman IMG_6402_Sebastian_Ekman IMG_6416_Sebastian_Ekman IMG_6424_Sebastian_Ekman IMG_6440_Sebastian_Ekman IMG_6444_Sebastian_Ekman IMG_6463_Sebastian_Ekman IMG_6466_Sebastian_Ekman IMG_6506_Sebastian_Ekman IMG_6545_Sebastian_Ekman IMG_6587_Sebastian_Ekman IMG_6560_Sebastian_Ekman

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