This amazing crew is going to take Portugal with storm in December. They’ll be traveling from Australia to share the hope and purpose that they’ve found. Rad people and I got to take some portraits of them in Newtown, Sydney. FINE weekend in Lisbon will be lit!




















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John & Anastasia

This is John & Anastasia. Two amazing people. One beautiful couple! Stoked to shoot with them on their first wedding anniversary here in Sydney.

IMG_0008IMG_0354IMG_0291 IMG_0288IMG_0283 IMG_0258 IMG_0242 IMG_0240 IMG_0227 IMG_0198 IMG_0193 IMG_0169-Redigera IMG_0162 IMG_0141 IMG_0126 IMG_0119 IMG_0106 IMG_0096 IMG_0086 IMG_0069 IMG_0065 IMG_0043 IMG_0039 IMG_0029

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Wattamolla Hike

Winter here in Sydney is a lot colder than I thought, even though people told me it would be really bad. I didn’t believe them. However, all of a sudden God gave us a day with 26° and sun to enjoy on our winter break (a couple of weeks earlier I had to start my mornings by scraping ice of the windshield). So me and my amazing wife went down to the Royal National Park again to explore the area around Wattamolla. It was pretty cool. We even saw whales from our lunch spot! So here’s some pictures from that, not the whales, but the rest:

IMG_4533_Sebastian_EkmanIMG_4585_Sebastian_EkmanIMG_4622_Sebastian_EkmanIMG_4648_Sebastian_EkmanIMG_4640_Sebastian_EkmanIMG_4707_Sebastian_EkmanIMG_4713_Sebastian_EkmanIMG_4730_Sebastian_EkmanIMG_4732_Sebastian_EkmanIMG_4774_Sebastian_EkmanIMG_4810_Sebastian_Ekman IMG_4834_Sebastian_Ekman IMG_4840_Sebastian_Ekman IMG_4850_Sebastian_EkmanIMG_4802_Sebastian_Ekman

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Ruined Castle hike Blue Mountains

Another weekend – another hike. Too much fun to explore the world in good company!

This is Ruined Castle in the Blue Mountains:

IMG_2533_Sebastian_Ekman IMG_2564_Sebastian_Ekman IMG_2567_Sebastian_Ekman IMG_2571_Sebastian_Ekman IMG_2627_Sebastian_Ekman IMG_2649_Sebastian_Ekman IMG_2657_Sebastian_Ekman

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Fresh portrait locations

Moving to Australia doesn’t only mean I have lot’s of beaches and nature to explore. It’s also a whole new search for cool photo locations nearby in the neighborhood. Found these curved metal walls that I have no idea what they are for, but they sure made a cool backdrop for portraits and reflected the sunlight everywhere.

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Surfers Paradise Sunrise

Drove 900 km up to Surfers Paradise for a week of from College. Had a good time watching sunrises, taking long walks and drinking lots of coffee.

IMG_3444_Sebastian_Ekman IMG_3394_Sebastian_Ekman

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Sunrise over Avalon

Living in Sydney, on the east coast of Australia means that you never see the sunset over the ocean. If you wanna be there when sun and horizon meets it’s early in the morning. But it’s so worth it. After an hour or so in the car in complete darkness there’s nothing better than watching the sun rise while eating breakfast on a cliff over the water.

This is Avalon Beach, one our our favorites:


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Figure Eight Pools

”Woohoo, what a fun day!” is what we all kept saying during this hike down to the figure eight pools in Royal National Park. It was hot, sweaty, we got off track and were exhausted when we came back but this day was just too much fun. And the Figure Eight Pools are one of my favorite spots in Aussie land so far!

IMG_1289_Sebastian_Ekman IMG_1295_Sebastian_Ekman IMG_1296_Sebastian_Ekman IMG_1318_Sebastian_Ekman IMG_1322_Sebastian_Ekman IMG_1324_Sebastian_Ekman IMG_1337_Sebastian_Ekman IMG_1344_Sebastian_Ekman IMG_1349_Sebastian_Ekman

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Palm beach

In January me and my wife left our home in Sweden to move to Sydney, Australia. We’re both in college and I get the chance to learn more about TV and Media but when we have days of we love to explore more of this beautiful country far, far away from home (our old home at least).

Here is Palm Beach NSW. Famous for it’s view from the lighthouse with water on both sides of the beach.


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Wentworth Falls Blue Mountains

Exploring the beautiful creation is twice as fun with good company. This is the Blue Mountains together with our Floridian friends John & Anastasia. They’re legends and great friends!


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